Follow along videos where we tackle together the most common tasks of a gameplay animator.

Tips & Tricks

I’ve encountered many different situations during my carreer, and there is always something to learn from these. I want to share that with you.


This isn’t all about me; you have to play your part too. I want to start a dialogue, and I want to hear what you have to say. Please, speak !

My name is Matt Courtois

I’ve been working in the video game industry as a gameplay animator since 2013. The technical side has always fueled my passion, so I’ve naturally specialized in gameplay animation. I started my career in Ubisoft Paris, joined Techland back in 2014, where I was the Lead Technical Gameplay Animator on Dying Light 2, and I am now enjoying my time with the talented folks at Infinity Ward in Los Angeles, California, working on 3rd person player animations and systems. 

I’ve been having tons of fun since day one, I’ve had the opportunity to meet extremely talented people, and so I thought I would start sharing what I’ve learned, opening a dialogue with you all. I am convinced gameplay animation should be as much technical as possible, despite seeing a huge part of the industry keeping separating animators from gameplay systems. 

I know there is still a lot to discover, and I wouldn’t want to miss your thought on that. Talk to you soon !

Gameplay Animation Reel showing my contribution to Ubisoft’s Ghost Recon: Wildlands and Techland’s Dying Light 2: Stay Human

Animation Exchange 2021 – After analyzing the pros and cons of the most common gameplay animation team structure and the industry evolution, I discuss the ever-growing need for more technical profiles, animators able to get involved in the pipeline creation and systems implementation.

A little bit of fun, rendering some personal keyframe work in Unreal Engine 4

I had loads of fun animating this dude for his last moments. Full keyframe. Done in Motionbuilder

Watch me drop on the ground and get to cover, armed with my old faithful Dyson V6 cordless ®

Inspired by Nao Kondo’s work (twitter.com/nao_kondo919), I wanted to practice a bit of keyframing.

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